For what feels like the previous two decades, Supreme’s seasonal falls have been at the center of the menswear universe.
Even at the greatest echelons of vogue, Supreme was omnipresent on buyers whose stores did not carry the brand, even on editors whose novels didn’t pay the brand and on designers that worked at other brands. It was symbolic not only of streetwear’s ethos and aesthetic, but of the desire for its highly-coveted and extremely-limited bits and sneakers that drove the increase of the resale market.
Things are beginning to feel different, however. With menswear going by what could best be described as an aesthetic correction, it doesn’t feel like Supreme’s Spring 2020 is the be-all and end-all it once was. Saying this streetwear will perish is an overstatement — even though that is what Virgil thinks — a more nuanced version of this statement is probably accurate: Streetwear’s days as the driving force for menswear as a whole are over, even though there are still some remnants. Supreme was a fantastic barometer for how influential streetwear had been, and as recently as this summer, there would be one Supreme bit spotted among the crowd at each show (or even more).
You can discover a lot about where menswear is and where it is going in the immediate future from the editors and buyers that frequent the displays. For starters, they’re those that generally feature in street Fashion Shows reports, which may often spark consumer trends. What’s more, though, they are gatekeepers in the feeling that they are the ones who have determined what is and isn’t seen in stores and editorials in any particular season.

At a micro-level, it can be hard — a fashion editor from Dazed and a buyer from Harrods may not be sporting exactly the same brands — however, on a macro-level, there are a number of trends that stand out to the roads beyond the menswear shows. Ones that cement the concept that menswear is shifting, albeit with a few remnants of streetwear.
Here are six trends that were impossible to miss on menswear’s power agents that could end up being a great bet on what men will be wearing in the coming months.