‘Walking Dead’ Star Tom Payne Responds To Carl Grimes Death Rumors


When it comes to rumors on “The Walking Dead,” only Jesus can save us. Thankfully, that’s exactly what just happened.

Sunday’s episode of the show was all about Tara discovering a new community, but the buzz lately is solely focused on Carl Grimes. 

Will he be killed off? That would sound completely nuts if there wasn’t so much evidence. 

For instance, Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl, recently announced his acceptance into college. (Spoiler alert: College takes a lot of time.) Though, this probably wouldn’t seem like a big deal if the actor’s father didn’t also post about his son’s seven-year contact expiring with “The Walking Dead.” Riggs’ dad included the hashtag “#freedom” with the post.

Also, with Daryl being located at the Saviors’ compound and Negan taking a “shine” to him, he’s kind of stepping in for Carl’s role in the comics. Plus, the last we saw Carl, he was headed to the Saviors’ sanctuary in the back of a truck. Oh, and his aim is currently terrible.


To sum it up, things aren’t looking good for Carl.

So in our time of need, we turn to Jesus.

Actor Tom Payne, who plays Jesus on the show and is also currently headed to the Saviors’ sanctuary with Carl, chatted with The Huffington Post on AOL’s Build Series Monday and shared his thoughts. He said he can’t comment specifically on what Riggs will do, but has a strong argument against the Carl death rumors:

”I think Carl is the future of the show,” Payne said, before correcting himself. “I mean, is the future of the comic books, I think.” 

“At the end of the day, I think Carl is the guy at the end on the last page,” he continued. “And I don’t know if they’ll go that way on the TV show, but I think it would be a logical place for them to go.”

“Who knows?” added the actor.

Well, from his response, it kind of sounds like we know.

As HuffPost reported, “Walking Dead” comic creator Robert Kirkman already said Carl is his favorite character, and as Forbes notes, Carl still has a big role to play in the Negan storyline. So, like Payne said, keeping Carl around is a “logical place” for the show to go.

Get used to Riggs. The younger Grimes is probably going to be around for a long time.

Thanks, Jesus. You’re a real savior.

”The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.