Tights Get a Sexing-Up on the Streets

Take one heaping serving of fashion’s current fascination with all things kinky, add a cup of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, and toss in a teaspoon of unpredictable weather, and you have a recipe for the trend taking over street style this season: fishnet tights. First seen at New York Fashion Week on the likes of Grace Hartzel and Sora Choi, pinup tights continued to leave their mark in Milan and Paris, where the European set paired them with Valentino dresses and denim short shorts.

The appeal of the fishnet has to do with its vast potential. It adds edge to a bohemian dress or a slip—seen on Vera van Erp and Eleonora Carisi—and can turn a punchy Moschino T-shirt dress into a bold fashion proposition, as proven by Alice Metza. Even the man with Teddy Quinlivan in Paris in black short shorts and fishnets managed to pull the look off, which is to say, there’s a type of holey hose for everyone. Take your pick.