This Woman Shuts Down Judgmental Gym Goers In One Epic Post

People go to the gym for many, many reasons. But no matter what, nobody deserves to be judged for how they look during a workout. 

Stephanie Lynn Holdmeyer reminded us of this last month, in a well-worded Facebook post that has since gone viral. The student at Missouri State University wrote an extremely eloquent comeback to Internet trolls and judgmental gym goers who commented on her appearance and use of a weight belt, a gym tool she needed while recovering from back surgery.

What starts as a personal response post ends as a sweet rallying cry for everyone who brings a secret battle to the gym:

Holdmeyer is quick to point out the assumptions we so often make about others ― especially in workout settings ― and why they deserve to be reconsidered. 

“That overweight guy? Someone judges him because of his weight, but little do they know he’s already lost 100 pounds & has changed his entire life around,” she wrote.

“That skinny girl you think “really needs to eat?” She’s actually super self-conscious about her thin figure & has been trying to gain weight, but her metabolism is super high.”

Treat your fellow gym goers with respect, Holdmeyer advises. 

“Instead of jumping to conclusions or making judgements, take a moment to consider someone else’s perspective. Don’t judge a book by its cover,” she wrote.

Well said. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated Holdmeyer attended the University of Missouri. She is a student at Missouri State University.