This Face Mask Uses a Magnet to Make Your Skin Look Tighter

I love a good face mask—hydrating, brightening, clarifying, you name it. Just by proximity, my friends and family have all gotten hooked, too. (I’m not not looking at you, Dad.) But really, is there a better way to treat your skin and feel instant results right at home than with a mask? I think not.

And just when I thought I’d seen (and slathered on) it all, a new product comes out and shows me what I didn’t even know I was missing. Case in point: the Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Skin Recharging Magnetic Mask. This is no ordinary formula. This mask, true to its name, uses magnetic particles to tighten your skin, making wrinkles and other signs of aging less obvious. Huh? What does that even mean? And how does that work? I’M NOT A SCIENTIST. The last time I dealt with “electromagnetic interactions” was in high school. And magnets…on my skin? This is Honors Masking 101 and I want in. So, that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s how my little scientific experiment went down.

PHOTO: Katie Friedman

Step 1: To start, I removed all my makeup and washed my face for a truly fresh start. For the most effective results when it comes to any mask, I want nothing standing in the way of the its ingredients seeping into my skin. I was also dealing with a really cool breakout at the time (yes, that’s sarcasm), which, annoying as it was, came in handy later on when I was thinking about the mask in retrospect. I was really curious to see how the mask would effect the breakout—soothe it, irritate it, or simply do nothing.

PHOTO: Katie Friedman

Step 2: Time to apply. The mask comes with a small spatula (so you don’t transfer any bacteria onto your face), but when you inevitably lose the spatula like I did you can use your fingers, too—just make sure to wash them beforehand. I applied a generous amount of product all over my face in circular motions, avoiding my eye area. While the iron-based formula looks thick, the texture is actually a lot lighter than I imagined (more like a whipped mousse, just slightly denser.) Not to mention, it glides on like silk. As soon as I opened the lid I could smell the lavender essential oils, which was a major plus. So far this was all going along with my grand plan to trick my senses into thinking I was actually at a spa.

PHOTO: Katie Friedman

Step 3: Next, I waited 10 minutes to let the mask do it’s thing: specifically, let the anti-aging ingredients get to work. The firming peptides in the mask helps make skin look tighter, and black tourmaline, an energizing mineral, helps add radiance. As the product sat on my skin, it never felt irritating or drying. In fact, the whole time I felt the mask calming and soothing my skin.

PHOTO: Katie Friedman

Step 4: The removal process: which you do by wrapping the triangular magnet that comes with the mask in a tissue. Why is this step necessary? The magnetic particles in the mask are no joke, and once the magnet picks them up they are not moving. The tissue then acts as an important barrier between the magnet and the particles, making it easier to clean up as soon as you’re finished—just toss the tissue and you’re done. If the tissue you’re using is thin, wrap it around twice so it doesn’t break once you put it up to the mask. Because once any product gets stuck on the magnet, it’s reallyyy hard to get off.

PHOTO: Katie Friedman

Step 5: Now the fun part, actually taking it off. I took the tissue-covered magnet and brought it up to my face, starting at my cheek and steadily bringing it upwards. It was crazy how I could feel the magnet picking up the product, making for the cleanest, most effective removal ever. One swift motion paved a trail of completely clear, smooth skin, with no residue left behind. It was pretty addicting, actually. I could feel how the magnet itself was picking up the mask, not just the tissue wiping everything off. This is where the “electromagnetic interactions” and anti-aging benefits come into play, too. As you move the magnet across your skin, it has a “force-field effect” that activates skin to recharge and feel tighter over time. So at the same time the mask is drawing out toxins, it’s also activating your skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself. (Read: It’s supposed to make your skin look younger.)

PHOTO: Katie Friedman

Step 6: Once I had completely removed the mask (which took no time at all: the thin magnet was just as easy to maneuver around the nooks and crannies of my nose as it was across my cheeks and forehead), I quickly realized there was one more step. Even though I had just taken off the mask, my skin was now glowing with a thin layer of oil. Who knew a purifying mask could be so hydrating?! Those lavender essential oils that I mentioned earlier left a dewy layer on my face even after the mask was off. I gently massaged these remains into my skin for about a minute for one last bit of luxury.

PHOTO: Katie Friedman

The Verdict: This is an amazing mask full of paradoxes: clarifying yet hydrating, instant results but long term benefits. Whenever I think of a purifying mask, I think of the messy, charcoal clean-up that inevitably follows (my bathroom sink has lived through its fair share of those). There was NO mess here though, thanks to the tissue and magnet duo. The only slightly annoying part of the removal process was having to constantly re-wrap the tissue—after one swipe, the edge of the tissue would be covered in product.

I also can’t get over how nourishing it is—it seriously soothed my breakout, leaving it much less red than when I started. I think that taking off the product with a magnet instead of any harsh scrubbing made for a more gentle cleanse. The lavender essential oils were so relaxing and moisturizing, leaving my skin feeling soft, dewy and nourished, not stripped or dry at all. I’m excited to keep using it (the brand recommends twice a week, either at morning or at night) to really start to see the long term anti-aging benefits. Because while my skin definitely felt clean after removing, I think the long term benefits play more of a role than the instantly deep purifying aspects. While I could feel the magnet picking up the product itself, I’ll have to test it out again and see if I really feel the mask drawing out impurities below my skin, as well. For a first go, though, I’m in love.

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