The Vetements Brand Collaborations No One Asked For

Take Vetements (aka Yeezy-approved designer streetwear brand well-versed in comically disproportionate fashion goodies, such as sweatshirts with XXL sleeves and seriously puffy puffer coats) and Papa John’s (aka savory pizza delivery chain known for better ingredients, better pizza), and here’s what you get: the designer collaboration we so desperately need to happen. “But that’s so out-of-left-field,” you say. “Why would that ever happen?” you say. Okay. LISTEN: Papa John’s tried making it happen. Yes, Papa John’s tweeted Vetements with the million-dollar idea, and, well, we just haven’t been the same since.

Much to our sartorial sorrow, Vetements still has yet to reply (this is a developing story), but the possibility of a Vetements x Papa John’s collab isn’t so far fetched, really. Let’s flashback to the myriad of brands Vetements has teamed up with over the years: from everyday brands such as Hanes and Levi’s to more wish-we-could-afford-to-wear-them-everyday brands like Comme des Garçons and Manolo Blahnik. Also, let’s not forget DHL Express.

Ever since Papa John’s went public with the offer, we can’t keep our minds from wandering. Suddenly, we see obscure snack brand logos printed on slinky dresses and computer programming languages superimposed on basic layering pieces and that Geico slogan over an off-duty sweatshirt. We need this too happen. ‘Need’ being an understatement.

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Lucky for us though, we have a team of super skilled photo editors to help make our dreams come true. Below, you’ll find five Photoshopped Vetements collaborations to hold us over, you know, at least until Vetements x Papa John’s pulls through.

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