The Quick Guide To Bra Shopping From Our Bra Expert

Every day is a day to celebrate feeling good. You are a woman, and making it through each of these days is not always easy. Let’s start with the basics–your undergarments. Each morning starts here, in this space, so let’s make it a great start.

1. Own your body. This means looking in the mirror and being ok (maybe even happy) with what you have. Your breasts, tummy and tush are all yours. I want them to look GOOD.

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2. Find a bra store that makes you feel good–they do exist. I love sending women to local, independent bra boutiques, where the feminine atmosphere is judgment free and happy. Google one in your area and get excited for personal service you won’t find in any other retail industry.

A few of my favorites: Linda the Bra Lady, The Pencil Test, Jenette Bras, and Journelle.

Department stores, like Nordstrom and Saks, are also a happy place when it comes to their intimates departments. Women here see bras and boobs all day long, so there are no secrets and there is no judgment.

Big box stores (which will remain nameless) do not have the stock OR the sales people to help you on this journey. We ALL need an experts’ help when it comes to bra shopping.

3. Make a friend. Trust between women is very important; even when one of them is in “sales”. These women who sell bras do this for a reason, they are on a mission to help other women. Listen to them. Tell them why you are there. Is it because your biggest goal in bra shopping is to find comfort, support, or a combination? Are you there for a good strapless bra for summer or wireless bra for leisure? They can run around the store (while you are partially naked in your fitting room) and bring you products you didn’t even know you were looking for.

In bra boutiques, sales associates are experts in EVERYTHING they sell. They are bra wizards (who are often as good as a therapist for women’s issues).

In department stores, like Saks or Dillards, associates are often brand ambassadors. They will bring you the newest product from the best fit brands such as Chantelle, Wacoal, Audade and Natori. These stylists know what works and bring options you may not have considered on your own. You are essentially getting your very own fit stylist who will share bra trends and fit advice.

4. Pranayama, deep breathing, comes next. While you are in the fitting room, inhale for a count of four through your nose. Then exhale for the same count. Repeat. Every woman goes bra shopping. You are not alone.

5. Try on everything! Again, it’s about trust. And do not even think about size. If you think you are looking for a minimizer and the woman brings you this fabulous lacy balconette bra-try it! There are key styles for each woman’s breast shape, regardless of “size”. Ideally, you want one of each of these to complete your bra wardrobe.

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