The Perfect Summer Sundress for Girls With Boobs


In a small step for retail, but a giant leap for womankind, Reformation has met my personal fashion Waterloo. The sustainable, eco-friendly bastion of LA style is one of those lines favored by the ethereal and effortlessly chic, who appear to flit through life without a care, and certainly without a bra, and as a well-endowed woman, I’ve found myself simply unable to partake.

The new collection, “I’m Up Here,” a capsule line of dresses for babes with boobs, is basically a no-brainer addition to the existing line—they’ve taken their signature vintage fabrics and simply arranged their sexy straps and cutouts to accommodate an underwire bra. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I did, a million times, while frustrated in a dressing room. So having been handed a package of adorably printed and deliciously soft dresses, I took them for a test drive.

ReformationA gorgeous blue-gray silkly polka dot dress that carved out the ideal slice of lower back from rib to rib was pronounced “the perfect balance between sexy and classy” by Friday night’s date. A trip to the beach club on a sunny Saturday in a backless, curve-enhancing sundress elicited howls of envy from a similarly endowed friend, who apologized in advance for buying the exact same dress the minute it is available. A Sunday spent running errands in a green plaid romper with a cheeky cutout just over my sternum garnered a (untrue but delightful) Brigitte Bardot comparison from the extremely hard-to-please drag queens who work down the street from my apartment. And a perfectly simple floor-sweeping, slit-to-there, mossy green silk maxi (with a perfectly-placed back accent strap) is already earmarked for an assuredly hot-and-sticky August wedding whose wardrobe I’ve been agonizing over.


Some of the items in the line didn’t work for my particular lingerie collection, so depending on what style of bra you favor, a little tailoring may still be in order. And it definitely took a few moments of adjusting the shoulder and back straps to get perfect coverage (several of the dresses have back closures with multiple sets of hooks, just like a bra) but all in all, these have jumped right to the top of the list of my summer staples. If you’re above a C-cup and ready to step up your summer style game, check it out here.

Photos: Courtesy of Reformation