The ‘Nightly Show’ Nails The Double Standard Around Women’s Naked Bodies

Thursday night’s episode of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” preached nothing but the truth when it comes to the confusing mixed messages women get about their bodies.

“Nightly Show” writer and contributor Franchesca Ramsey, in the debut of her new segment “#HashItOut,” took on the online hoopla that arose this week both over Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie, and the $55 million settlement Erin Andrews’ was awarded in a privacy invasion lawsuit (the sportscaster was secretly filmed while naked in a hotel room and the video was illegally shared online). 

First, Ramsey called out the way people criticized Kardashian for sharing the photo because she is a “mother and wife.” 

“Since when does your status as a parent dictate whether or not people can see you naked?” Ramsey said. “A woman’s sexual appeal isn’t like an orgy where once a kid shows up everything has to stop.”

And then, after going in on Twitter users complaining that Andrews didn’t deserve the money from her settlement, Ramsey broke down the sheer absurdity of both Andrews’ and Kardashian’s critics:

Is anyone else confused here? On the one hand, Kim Kardashian’s voluntarily shared mom bod is sacred and needs protecting. And on the other hand, Erin Andrews’ just-chilling-in-my-hotel-minding-my-own-business bod is fine for public consumption. There are more mixed signals here than a Facebook status about your dead grandma with 100 likes. Let me spell this out for you, OK. Women are allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies, and no one gets to decide otherwise. And nobody has a right to your body, no matter who you are, unless you give them permission. And that applies in person and on screen. So happy Women’s History Month you sick, hypocritical perverts!

Brilliantly said. 

Of course, there are some people online who still don’t seem to get it:

Ugh. Keep fighting the good fight, Franchesca!