The Hipster Coffeemaker That’s Making Waves In The White House

Apparently President Barack Obama takes his coffee with a splash of hipster cool. 

That’s because according to reports, POTUS is stocked up with the Chemex coffeemaker, a retro glass pour-over machine made in Massachusetts that’s popular with bean fiends who prefer to make things the old-fashioned way. 

The lab-inspired vessel is so beloved, the White House recently ordered 150 of them etched with a presidential seal, according to the Boston Globe.  


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The Chemex coffemaker has been around since long before Obama brought his love of lattes to office: It was invented in 1941, and the design has barely changed. The simple glass beaker is so sleek and so iconic, it’s in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

Chemex is known for making a pure-tasting cup of coffee that’s impossible to over-brew. What’s more, the glass acts as both a brewing vessel and pouring pitcher in one. 

We’d love to imagine Obama making his own coffee each morning as he prepares to tackle the world head-on. But let’s face it: Obama probably doesn’t make his own coffee.

Here’s how YOU can use a Chemex:

The classic Chemex coffeemaker is available online for about $40. The company recently debuted a much more expensive automatic version for $350, but really, what’s the fun of coffee-making if you can’t do it like Obama?

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