The Best T-Shirts You Can Buy, According to Style Experts

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A t-shirt that is fantastic is that the crux of any summer wardrobe. However, not each one of them is capable of shouldering that burden. As any outfit of clothing, men t-shirts fluctuate as widely from fit to cloth to weight — and their differences are proven to inspire loyalty and esteem . That is the reason why we requested five menswear specialists to discuss their favorites.

“A good pair of pliers will alter your life. Why? They match well with any pant or short and may be dressed up or down — something, because that I think worth investing cash into. A lot of the high end manufacturers’ tees don’t fit me since I am 6’3″ and pretty lanky. But A.P.C. makes an XXL, which pretty much sits atop L and XL. I got a $100 [present card] into A.P.C. plus a tee was I could purchase with this. I bought four others and wash better and they simply seem to hang you off. Every season fits and they stay in accordance with the colors. If you’re in the point where less is more, their tees are for you.”


“After years of bouncing between cuts and brands, I have landed on New York’s 3Sixteen brand and their plain Heavyweight T-Shirts — with and without the pocket. Cut and the fit are perfect for me: as a man that is average-height and stocky tops are too snug or overly long over the hem. 3Sixteen gets me perfectly using a cotton t-shirt that only works. Highly recommended.” — Jeff Carvalho, Managing Director of Highsnobiety

Los Angeles Apparel 6.5oz T-Shirt

“I’ve always tended to gravitate towards thicker t-shirts. When there is a T too 10, I really don’t like — a good drape and shape is what I am looking for. The classic 50/50 cotton-polyester tee shirt is strong, but when I discovered Los Angeles Apparel’s 6.5oz, I knew I’d found my perfect one. These shirts fit well, have a fantastic amount of heft and hold their shape very. They are all I have ever needed in a shirt. Should they keep making them, I will keep wearing themindefinitely.” — Michael Williams, Founder of A Constant Lean.


Lady White Co.. Crewneck T

“I’ve been wearing this t-shirt for a year now. One of my former employees layouts the line and generates it in LA.. It is the t-shirt that is ideal. The fit is spot on — a bit. It’s a t-shirt that may stand on it. As is binding, the fabric is perfect. It’s a tall order to indicate this many boxes” — Todd Barket, Cofounder of Unionmade

Merz b. Schwanen 2-Thread Heavy-Weight T-Shirt


“My favorite t-shirt of this last season is Merz b. Schwanen’s high-end two-needle variant of their basic t-shirt. The fabric is unreal, and I don’t believe most men and women understand how nice a t-shirt cloth can be till they manage one of them. It is made onto a loopwheeling machine in Germany from Greek cotton. Fit is perfect, slender, and it has no exterior branding. I own multiples in virtually every color they are made in.”