The Best Men’s Summer Suits Review You’ll Ever Read

Clocks have gone ahead, the mercury is growing, and the sun shone for a whole eight minutes lately, all of which can only mean one thing. No, forget the shore body. It is time to be sure our suits (not our stomachs) are summer-ready.
Of course, a suit is a year-round essential that transcends trends and time, but that’s not to mention if it comes to dressing for inclement spring — and later, sun-soaked summertime months, there aren’t a few smart choices to be had.
From contemporary and traditional styles to brightly colored and distinctive designs, here are the six suits needed to create this season the hottest nonetheless, sartorially speaking.


The Contemporary Suit Can we proceed? Not quite.
Take advantage of merino wool’s natural temperature regulating properties as a smart way of staying cool and comfy on balmier days, while keeping the chill at bay on colder ones. Likewise, a wool at the Super-100 to 130 range is best. The S number refers to the Summer cloth’s fineness — the greater the number, the more delicate the substance. You won’t bake in the heat, but it is still heavy enough you will just need a raincoat once the weather turns.
As we start to transition to high summer, it’s also worth considering 100 per cent cotton (or cotton-linen blend) choices for optimal lightness and breathability.
Colour is dictated by where the suit will mostly be worn. Charcoal, grey and navy suits are the strongest stakes for professional environments. Perfect for moving from office to pub, these elegant hues have a timeless charm that can be livened up with the right tie or kept simple and classic.
The Classic All-Season Suit
Particularly pertinent when the weather is , well, undecided, spring is the perfect time to invest in a lawsuit that is employed for all seasons (since we frequently encounter all four in a single day between March and May).
The secret to this well-rounded wardrobe weapon is to select a colour, fabric and design that is not specific to any season.
Pick for single-breasted, peak or notch lapel design in an all-seasons worsted wool, which offers warmth from the winter and is light and airy in summer. The cut should also be maintained classic: tailored but still roomy enough to permit you to move freely and promote air circulation when temperatures rise.

Summer Fashion

On matters of color, avoid exceptionally dark colors such as black that will absorb sunlight, making the lawsuit too hot to wear throughout the height of the Summer Fashion. Similarly, steer clear of overly light shades, which will look out of place in winter. Hit on the sartorial middle ground with a navy or mid-grey in block colors or classic patterns such as pinstripes or checks.
For a slick alternative to sober navy and grey choices which’ll serve well for almost any warm-weather event, opt for a thing at a bolder (or even, softer) colour of blue or a seasonally-appropriate neutral such as beige.
To remain smart but with a cool air of informality, style this suit using a slim-cut shirt, textured tie, printed pocket square and set of quality loafers or chunky brogues (socks optional).
Equally, to dress it down for a casual wedding or garden party, lose the tie, unbutton the top collar (or even better yet, try a grandad collar) and pair with white shoes to get an outfit that packs a simple awareness of sprezzatura.