This Taylor Swift Halloween Makeup Dopplegänger Totally Made Us Double-Take

Prepare to have your mind blown wide open: the leggy blonde on the left in the Halloween picture above is not Taylor Swift. Yep, we were surprised, too—especially because the crew does include many Swift-adjacent personalities. The impersonator is, however, one of TayTay’s besties and “Bad Blood” co-stars, model and Victoria’s Secret angel Martha Hunt. The biggest surprise is that Hunt wasn’t even dressing up as Taylor, but rather as Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic character in Scarface, Elvira Hancock. The resemblance is, frankly, a little haunting and makes us wonder if Hunt ever poses as Taylor Swift outside of Halloween? Conspiracy theory time!Taylor-swift-martha-hunt-2.jpg

ICYMI, the real Swift had an intimate Halloween get-together with Gigi Hadid, who dressed as a Cub Scout, and Hunt, who wore a Marcia Brady costume.