Taylor Hill Has a Makeup Stash Like You’ve Never Seen Before

You would think that if you are a professional model—actually, make that a Victoria’s Secret supermodel—you would never have to do your own hair and makeup, especially for a red carpet event. You would think that when the time comes to get ready, a #squad of fashion and beauty pros would come knocking on your hotel door and all you’d have to do in the next hours is just sit back and enjoy the (beauty) ride, right?!

Well, wrong. Apparently, Taylor Hill is not your ordinary supermodel. Trust us, girl’s got so many makeup skills and tricks that you’d probably have to take notes on this one. Got the Notes section open on your iPhone? Good.

Last night, Hill took to Instagram Stories to document her getting ready for the Business of Fashion 500 gala in London—and the face of Lancôme did her makeup all by herself. 


First of all, take a second to admire her flawless face without an ounce of makeup.


But the most important lesson we learned from her (besides the fact that we need to get one of those cushion foundation compacts ASAP) is blending is key.

In fact, she used her beautyblender for both her foundation and concealer, which explains why she has zero blotchiness, cakiness, or lines of demarcation.

Hill used all Lancôme products to achieve the perfect cat eye and to give her skin a sun-kissed glow. Seriously, she made contouring look totally foolproof with just a swipe on each cheek, and then of course going with the theme, blending to perfection. 

My look for tonight celebrating the top 500 most influential people at the Business of Fashion event ?? check my Instagram story to see what @lancomeofficial products I used to get ready ?? (I’ll get better at it I promise)

A photo posted by Taylor Hill (@taylor_hill) on Sep 19, 2016 at 1:30pm PDT

Check out the end result above and make sure to watch her entire story before it expires.