Street Style Superlatives! Phil Oh’s Most Memorable Photos From Fashion Month

Now that the Spring ’17 season is over, we’re busy editing, ranking, and analyzing the shows. We’ve posted the Top 10 collections; we’ve broken down the season’s most important talking points; and we’ve shared our own best memories of the month. But what about everyone’s favorite subject—street style?

Naming the “best” street style isn’t quite as clear-cut. Vogue’s street style photographer Phil Oh took 733 photos from New York to Paris, so it’s already a lot to take in. But a great street style photo isn’t just about the clothes; sometimes it’s about capturing a fleeting moment, like a dress in motion or a model running between shows. Other times, a photo is great because the subject is totally unknown—and we’re dying to figure out who she is. Of course, when it comes to truly unique, genuine personal style, Oh knows it when he sees it. So we asked him to do some street style reconnaissance and write up his own list of superlatives, from his favorite celeb sighting to the most “meme-worthy” moment of the season. Find them all in the slideshow here.