Seoul Fashion Week is held every two years and is open to the public to expand the city’s activities review

The weather is just starting to get cool, but the fashion industry is heating up and getting ready for next spring and summer months. Together with the hopes of giving people outside of the fashion industry a opportunity to get closer to the local trend market, the Seoul Design Foundation (SDF) opened the Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2018 S/S on Tuesday, to run through Saturday, Oct. 21, at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in central Seoul.
This autumn’s Fashion Week seeks to turn the entire city of Seoul to a gigantic, seven-day fashion celebration for people inside and outside the fashion market. While designers will be focused on fashion shows and trade events to meet up with some of the biggest buyers in the world, a variety of events will be held to people to join including trend movie nights, fashion mentor conventions, designer displays, networking events, outdoor parties and a open casting call for amateur versions.
Along with the style shows that will take place in the DDP, 18 fashion shows will take place in a variety of parts of Seoul. Designers have shifted space throughout the city to produce the ultimate ambiance to present their ranges. On Monday night, the Donghoon construction in Jung District, central Seoul, played host Byung-kyu’s Haus of PBK series, and the exceptional place gave fashion insiders an chance to find the set in an unexpected environment.

Fashion Week

To give young designers the opportunity to get their name out in the market, the Seoul Design Foundation is hosting”Generation Next Seoul.” Held from the DDP from Tuesday to Friday, over 100 youthful brands will exhibit their items for public and market buyers to go and see. The beginner brands will also hold their very own mini fashion shows at Gallery Mun within the DDP. This past year, SDF is allowing designers with more than 1 year of experience to apply for the application.
For people who are trying to find something which they can take part in, DDP is going to be the house for many different experiences for all visitors to enjoy.
On Friday at 2:30 p.m., there’ll be a seminar featuring five distinguished specialists from abroad, such as Laurance Sudre-Monnier, Mario Dell’Oglio, Anders Madsen, Simon Collins and Jeannie Lee, on the topic of”Fashion in the time of Genderless.” A panel discussion of Jung Kuho, the director of Hera Seoul Fashion Week, Ben Cobb and a mystery celebrity will follow at 5:30 p.m.


On the grassy hill outside of the building, visitors can watch high-fashion films at no cost from Wednesday to Friday at 7 p.m., as part of this”Esquire Movie Night.” Every day, one movie is going to be screened, followed by a panel discussion later. The movies will be”The Grand Budapest Hotel,””Saint Laurent” and”A Single Man.”
The”Hera Lip Talk Show” is an opportunity for people to meet with a number of fashion’s most popular models, listen to them discuss trend and have the opportunity to ask questions.
In the”Ceci Model Casting Call,” people who one day hope to walk the runways can find a chance to get in front of some of fashion’s most powerful brokers. Anyone brave enough can come and participate in an open audition. The last winner will have a chance to participate in a photo shoot Ceci, the earliest style and beauty magazine in Korea.
Other attractions include a sample marketplace which will happen on Saturday, in which the designers in the”Generation Next Seoul” app will sell their garments to the public; the DDP Food Library, where yummy food stands will be open for people to savor; and DJ parties from 6 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday to Saturday, for people who wish to enjoy the festival late into the night.
“Contrary to Fashion Weeks in different nations, a different street culture has settled in the Seoul Fashion Week – it’s where trend people come and enjoy the time to get together and party,” explained Kim Yun-hee, manager of the style and creative team at SDF. “We hope to make that party vibe over Seoul, so this event becomes a style event for everyone to enjoy. We are going to continue working on bringing a wide assortment of applications across Seoul that encompass every area of culture, fashion, shopping and art.”