See Exactly How to Get Jessica Alba’s Waves in Five Minutes Flat

It doesn’t take a village to get Jessica Alba’s insanely gorgeous waves. During a recent trip to InStyle HQ, the actress and Honest Beauty founder demonstrated exactly how she creates the lived-in appearance on herself—in just five minutes, at that. Her secret? Work in varied, staggered sections to enhance the “I woke up like this” vibe. “The more chunky and uneven, I think the better the result,” Alba says. After a quick pass of a wide-tooth comb, the star applies a few pumps of the Honest Sea Salt Spray ($18; to amp up the effect, though it also helps that the formula smells like an actual beach vacation. She then uses a few drops of the Honest Beauty Dry Condition + Shine Serum ($20; through her ends, which helps further break up the definition and adds a mirror-like finish.

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Considering it takes us five minutes every morning just to turn our snooze alarm off in the morning, we’re pleasantly surprised we can spend the same amount of time channeling our inner Jessica Alba. Hit play on the video above to get the complete breakdown from the star herself.


[MUSIC] What’s up, InStyle? This is Jessica Alba and here is how to get my favorite five minute texture. [MUSIC] I go in and I grab my hair in sections. Now they’re totally uneven. And I wrap my hair and then I go in and I do the opposite directions. And the more, kind of chunky and uneven, I think the better the result. So you get that nice, little, imperfect waves. I’ll do the other side. [MUSIC] Even though this curling iron has a clip, as you can see, I use it clipless. It doesn’t snap my hair when I use it this way, which is nice. [MUSIC] Brush it out with a wide tooth comb. [MUSIC] I use this sea salt spray. Love this smell so good too. [MUSIC] Spray on the other side. Spray them the back. And then Axel like cool kind of texture And then I will go in with a little bit of this dry conditioner. And this dry conditioners are in an aerosol but this one is in this dropper and this is really great because you can control how much product you get. And then I just work it through the ends. And also what great about this dry conditioner, it’s so thin it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all. [MUSIC] There you go. Five minute texture. So easy. [MUSIC]