Ruby Rose’s Latest Hair Makeover Is Made for the Lisa Frank Super-Fan

Ruby Rose is no stranger to hair dye or eye-catching, out-of-the-ordinary shades. Sure, she’s gone brunette (and looked damn good while doing so), but she’s also gone full-on blue, teal, purple, and more. Well, the hair chameleon is back with another hair color change, and if you wish to copy, the hue will have you living your best Lisa Frank life.

She went magenta! The actor took to Instagram to reveal her brand new hot pink hair color, and it’s vividly bright and mesmerizing, chances are you won’t be able to look away.

We surely couldn’t—and it reminded us of the exact shade of pink that covered the notebooks, binders, and pencil cases we hoarded in the ‘90s. However, we’re confident good ol’ Lisa Frank wasn’t the inspiration behind her new look, though the brand has made us whip out a lavender lipstick before.


Regardless of what made Ruby Rose decide to take on the hot pink inspiration, it’s a somewhat surprising choice, considering she’s been rocking a super shiny, dark brunette shade for months on end.

If Hailey Baldwin’s brief stint as a pink-haired lady didn’t make you consider the look, Ruby Rose (and your ’90s nostalgia) definitely will.