Here are new ways to punch up your little black dress

The LBD, aka “the little black dress,” is a staple of anyone’s wardrobe, from on-trend fashion girls to the casual fashionista to those who view clothes as utilitarian and nothing more. Your wardrobe needs a black dress (or seven) for multiple occasions in which your attendance is required.You need it for a wedding. You need it for a date. You need it for your little sister’s grade school graduation. Yes, you need it for funerals. You name the event and you can be sure a little black dress is more than suitable.

That’s because the little black dress avails itself of so many styling options. It can be extra fancy if you add sky-high heels or gobs of jewelry. It can be dressed up, down, or sideways. if you don it with tights,you can go semi-casual . There are innumerable street style options, too. See what I mean? The LBD has infinite possibilities.

How you style it with accessories is what makes your LBD as distinct as your DNA. The styling is also what makes it fitting or appropriate for whatever it is you are doing while wearing it. Here are new ways to punch up your little black dress.