Make Up Tips For Black Skin​​​​​​​​​​​ Guide

Stacy Okafor is an global make-up artist who has worked with actors for movie, music videos, tv and fashion shows, and specialises in make-up and skin care for black women.

  1. Match Your Foundation
    When choosing a foundation, always select a colour that matches the majority of your face. If you would like to correct any discoloration on your face, then use a darker or lighter concealer for a colour adjuster for those regions of your face which appear different. Remember to match your colour in natural daylight.
  2. Use Light Foundation
  3. Prevent using heavy-texture foundations, as black skin tends be oiler. Instead, ask for a foundation that is lightweight in feel with a high pigment concentration. This basically means that a little of this foundation covers nicely. This will avoid a heavy look to the epidermis.
  4. Groom Your Brows
  5. When dressing brows, use a pencil or powder at a dark brownish. Frequently black skins tend to decide on black pencils to match their hair colour. On the brows, this is able to look too difficult as the hairs produce organic shadow and make the black pencil look deeper.
  6. Line Your Lips
  7. Utilize lipliner to play with your normal mouth shape. If you would like to make your lips fuller, use a lip liner to draw just outside your normal line. Likewise, if you would like to make your lips look less full, line them only inside the natural lip line with a darker lip pencil in a neutral tone.
  8. Get Clever With Concealer
    If you have to fix any discolouration, utilize an orangey/red-based concealer first to neutralise the darkness, then place this lightly with powder. Next, use a concealer that matches your skin and combine this over the area you have colour corrected. Do not Use Silvery Eyeshadows
    Eye shadow colours with silvery undertones may have a tendency to be a little harsh on black skin so use colors that are warmer and have more gold tones for a more flattering appearance.