MAC’s Fitness-Inspired Makeup Line Might Be Better Than Endorphins

Reese Witherspoon’s famously brilliant character Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” But do you know what else will make you just as peppy? MAC’s new workout-inspired makeup collection. Seriously, get ready for a feeling that will rival a runner’s high.

The beauty brand’s new Work It Out collection is described as “high performance color” meets “the art of fitness.” And what that means for you is an entire line filled with bright and playful lipstick, eyeliner, and gloss hues, as well as several colored mascaras in graphic neon packaging. There is also three different versions of MAC’s Studio Quiktrick Stick, a highlighting, bronzing, and contouring product.

Courtesy Mac

Courtesy Mac

But these aren’t designed to last through a sweaty spin class or help you fake a “no-makeup makeup” look like we’ve seen from many brands taking on the athleisure movement. MAC brought the “fitness” theme into play in the witty naming of each product. “Bi-ceptual” is a nude beige lipstick, while the bubble gum pink cystal glaze gloss was given the moniker “Sixxx Pack.” The sheer cool baby pink glaze gloss got the name “Oh My Lunge!”, and we’ll need that immediately upon release.

Courtesy Mac

Though we have to say the best names were given to the MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara. “Squat It, Sugar,” “Well-Toned,” and “Hottie with a Body” are just a few of the mascara tubes in the line.

The limited-edition products range from $12 to $37 each and will become available online and in-stores from March 2 through April 13.

Few things have made us this excited about the concept of exercise.