Like Patagonia Baggies? Then You’ll Love These Other Shorts, Too

Considering Baggies have been a feat that is modest. But the simplicity and utilitarian approach are what contributed to its success. From an interview with Gear Junkie Patagonia rep Corey Simpson mentioned,”Yvon Chouinard desired a pair of men shorts that had net drain pockets which fit two balls. They had to be lasting enough be around the river or to scale and fast drying. They had a simple silhouette.”


The Baggies feature a durable Supplex nylon fabric that, as of 2018, comes from 100 percent recycled nylon. They dry fast thanks to the DWR coating and net pocket and liner bags that drain water. The pockets are designed to reduce drag in the water, but additionally feature details like an internal key loop and pocket. What is more, they price only $55.

Fans have praised them for their ease and durability, sporting them in a range of actions , from grueling hikes to browsing to simply hangin’ out.

There are lots of choices that follow in the footsteps of the beloved Baggies of Patagonia Now. They come in many different colors, in a variety of price points homages and particulars. If you’re looking to pick up some alternatives whether that’s tackling the next mountaintop or tackling an afternoon