Levi’s New ‘Wedgie Fit’ Jeans Promise To Lift Your Butt Like The Real Thing

Remember how wedgies pulled your butt cheeks up and out just a little bit? Now imagine that in a pair of jeans. But comfier.

Levi’s new “Wedgie Fit” jeans ($128) are a high-waisted throwback to those days when your sister jokingly pulled your underwear out from under your pants. Testers at InStyle said they hug the hips, lift the cheeks and really amp up your booty.



A photo posted by Levi's® (@levis) on Jan 8, 2016 at 11:05am PST

Levi’s says the jeans are inspired by their vintage designs and are intended to fit with minimal stretch. Indeed, the testers at InStyle report that while not very stretchy, the jeans do “a good job of flattering” multiple body types, making booties “look a little rounder and a little higher.” 

In a world where good fits are hard to find, we’ll totally take it. 

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