As the Kelly Ripa co-host search continues into the fall, take a look at some of the Live with Kelly star’s coolest and craziest costumes for Halloween. From sexy to scary, the co-host-questing Ripa has donned Halloween garb both hot and horrifying at spooky celebrations in the past.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Ripa’s Halloween costumes ran the gamut last year on Live. For Halloween 2015, Ripa fascinated fans with various get-ups, not the least of which were her dead-on duds as “break the internet”-era Kim Kardashian (complete with faux champagne).

Whether moonlighting as Super Bowl sensation Katy Perry or strutting her stuff as Star Wars‘ Princess Leia, Kelly Ripa always has a unique fashion sense and fun-loving flair when it comes to Halloween costumes. Here are just a few of the funny and frightening looks from the longtime Live host.

Kelly Ripa turned up the heat for Halloween 2015, decked out as pop star Katy Perry from the “Teenage Dream” singer’s now-legendarySuper Bowl XLIX Halftime Show concert. As Kelly sported a colorful dress identical to Katy’s famous football frock, Ripa’s former Live co-host Michael Strahan played along as the notorious “Katy Perry’s Left Shark,” the choreographically-challenged background dancer that gained internet infamy for his fancy footwork.

Is Kelly a Walking Dead zombie or a dental patient from hell? Ripa posted this ghastly Halloween pic to Instagram in 2014. All made up with a believable head gash and some creepily blacked-out chompers, zombie Kelly looks ready to terrorize the neighborhood. Do you think Ripa scared her husband, Mark Consuelos, with this shocking look?