Jennifer Lawrence Learns Gravity Is A Fickle B***h In ‘Passengers’ Clip

Space has no chill. This we know from watching literally any movie set beyond earth’s atmosphere from the past 10 years. In case you needed more convincing that we have it pretty good down here, prepare to be terrified all over again with “Passengers,” the new sci-fi flick starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. 

In a clip exclusively released by Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, Aurora (Lawrence), one of two people who wake up on a spaceship 90 years too early, decides to take a dip in the station’s pool while sporting a very chic space bikini.

It’s safe to say things do not go well, when the pool’s gravity lock fails and she starts to drown mid-air

Gravity, you fickle bitch. 

“Passengers” hits theaters Dec. 21.