How to Style a Denim Skirt for summer

As we are getting glimpses of some warmer weather along with spring ahead, I wanted to bust out my denim skirt to reveal to you how easily it can be integrated into your wardrobe. The one I have is remarkably flattering and comfortable thanks to a dose of stretch in the denim, and the a-line shape–I sized one size, as it runs a little big. It must be mentioned that if you’re taller than me (I am 5’4″) or are somebody with particularly long legs, this skirt might be somewhat short for you. You have been warned. In most of the outfits I discuss here in this post, I’ve in my Chloe Coin Necklace, silhouette locket (c/o Household Printing Shop, 16″ span ), and Emma Hoops in Brass Circle.
And a small tip for wearing shorter dresses and skirts–I wear bike shorts under mine! Since I am usually with my kids, it adds insurance against a situation when I needed to reach down and pick one of them haha. Mine are only $8. Admittedly I don’t have this shirt yet–it came in time to get this session and I purchased it and I loved the way it paired with the women skirt and loafers! The colour online is described as”rust,” but it’s definitely more of a deep dusty rose hue. I love it! I think it’s a keeper. This is a superb spring look for warmer times. Any button down would do–tie into a knot at the waist and just unbutton the button two. I do love this design shirt though–that the match is lovely. I included a jacket option the one is a favourite of mine!
I couldn’t resist a traditional stripe. The fit of this wrap top is ideal for pairing with the skirt, as it is a bit cropped along with the tie draws attention. I think that is my favorite the looks of all! If you don’t have a bodysuit I highly recommend becoming one–they pair with skirts! In addition, I love to wear mine for date nights with jeans and a blazer or coat. This last look is a superb example of swapping your jeans to get a denim skirt out as the weather warms up. I have done a front tuck to maintain the form of the skirt and then elongate my legs. The sweater matches TTS and is among my favorites–the colour is a dreamy deep golden yellow. For the loafers, I recommend going up 1/2 dimensions.