How to Feel Amazing in Every Outfit You Own, With Model Georgia Pratt

You may think that models have it pretty easy in the style department. With naturally good looks and around-the-clock access to designer clothes, seriously, how hard could it be to look fabulous? But things in front of the camera aren't always what they seem.

On-the-rise model Georgia Pratt opened her heart and her closet to Glamour in this exclusive video where she proves that yes, even models struggle to feel good about how how they look. The raven-haired beauty shares how the struggle to fit into clothes she loves catapulted her into a career of its own. In addition to being new major name on the plus size modeling scene, Pratt is now a card-carrying fashion designer.

Here, watch the super-inspirational Pratt show you how to master trends you've always wanted to try, but were intimidated by. And she shows that the outfit is just part of the equation to looking and feeling your best.

Photos: Getty Images