History Hedonism of Mini Skirt and Cultural Style of Youth Rebellion

Famous Miniskirt Moments Twiggy was the mini skirt movement’s figurehead. Her pixie cut, doe bull eyes lashes, and childlike frame were a stark contrast to the former decade’s mature design models. The country was shocked, newspaper front pages led with Shrimpton’s legs instead of the horse. Despite the 70s having an era of broad bell-bottom trousers, hippy flowing skirts, Debbie Harry of Blondie revived the miniskirt. That a transformation was seen by it into leather and PVC, which continued to be a favourite dress for punk bands during the decade. Jean Shrimpton’s’outrageous’ miniskirt awaken at the Melbourne Cup Carnival at 1965Create your own Miniskirt
The history of the miniskirt is far from over, and its story is still being written to this day. It has stayed a wardrobe staple, showing up into the low-rise skirt of the early 2000s in various fabrics, shapes, and forms, like the skirt of the 80s. Make your miniskirt using cloth for a truly bespoke fashion statement Should you feel like flaunting your femininity.
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