Hermès Is Reworking that Vintage Scarf You Inherited

If you’ve recently found yourself the proud owner of an Hermès scarf (whether vintage or brand new!) it has bright days ahead of it thanks to Hermèsmatic, a new pop up from the heritage luxury brand.

Courtesy of Hermès

Set to open tomorrow in New York, in D.C. in July, Nashville in October, and LA in November, shoppers are invited to bring in vintage scarves (or purchase one) and dip dye it either fuchsia, violet, or denim blue—the final piece will be ready in 24 to 48 hours. If you’re not local to any of the pop-up spots, you’re not left out of the fun either. While an in-person trip is required to re-color your own piece, a dip dye collection is available to shop online.

Visit hermes.com to watch an adorable video that tells you all about the process!