Happy Birthday, Scorpio! 23 Gifts for the Sexiest Sign in the Cosmos

What do Kendall Jenner, Ciara, and Emma Stone have in common? They’re Scorpios, the steamiest astro sign of all.

This water sign (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) is known for being fierce, intense, mysterious—and above all, lusty. (Right, Katy Perry?)

“From push-up bras to garter belts to wear with seamed stockings and pumps the Scorpio woman is a true femme fatale,” says our in-house astrologer Susan Miller. “Scorpio women like to collect sexy, lacy lingerie in a variety of colors, black to nude, deep purple to bright red.”

Not only that, they also tend to favor gifts that play up their more sensual sides. Think: luxe fur, slinky loungewear, scented candles, and daring lip colors.

Miller says Scorps can expect their birthday month to be full of warmth and love. But the really big news is that Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio and other amorous arachnids are in for “their finest year of life” beginning on Oct. 10, 2017. While this may seem a far off prediction, Miller’s column (from our Nov. issue) stresses how important it is for Scorpios to begin preparing now for their best year ever.

What better way to set the scene for the year of total Scorpio domination than with these 23 smokin’ gift ideas?

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