‘First time ever’: Caroline Flack reveals bold new hair transformation and it’s gorgeous

X Factor host Caroline Flack has switched up her colour in dramatic style

Caroline Flack regularly gives us serious hair envy (does she NEVER have a bad hair day?) and she’s gone and done it again with her latest colour transformation.

The 36-year-old will be looking brighter than ever when she hosts this weekend’s edition of The X Factor as she’s had her hue dyed COMPLETELY blonde. As in roots ’n all.


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Cazza let us all share in the process of her new barnet by documenting it on Instagram, starting with a cheeky selfie whilst the colour was on.

‘First time ever …Going all over blonde 👊🏼 it’s tingly 👀,’ the TV star captioned a photo with the dye on her head. Er, thanks for letting us know that, Flackers.

A few hours later a freshly-coloured Caroline Flack updated us with the results of her visit to the hairdressers and WOW – we love it!

The presenter is now sporting a completely blonde bob and proudly wrote alongside the snap: ‘Fully fledged non rooted blonde’

Cazza’s fans are very much in favour of her latest look. One commented on the picture: ‘ITS SO FREAKING PERFECT😩🙈 honestly you’re like the only person that can put anything on and still look f***ing flawless!!!’

Another admirer added: ‘Yay! LOVE it! To be fair though you would look beautiful with ANY colour hair!’

Tis true that Caroline Flack has managed to pull off a LOT of different styles and colours over the years, from dark and long to blunt and dip-dyed.

Until recently the Flackster had been sporting a darker shade of blonde with a wee bit of rootage going on and she’s also experimented with pastel shades. Remember that pink/purple hue she unveiled at the Pride Of Britain Awards back in September?

Bright blonde is very popular right now in the showbiz world and Caroline’s vivid new hue is very similar to Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence’s look.

Funnily enough J-Law engaged in a bit of flirting action with Cazza’s X Factor co-host Olly Murs this week – hmmm, could Caroline have felt a little jealous and tried to emulate her look??

Anyhoo, we’re looking forward to seing Cazza’s latest do in all its glory when she’s back on screen in tomorrow night’s X Factor!

Anna Francis