Fendi Reclaims Best the “It Bag” Throne

The Spring, Fendi is riding the nostalgia wave by bringing back one of its most iconic creations: the Baguette. The purse surfaced in 1997, was especially the first bag to be given its own stylistic title and immediately dominated the cultural zeitgeist, becoming synonymous with standing and glamour. The Baguette jumpstarted the”personality” handbag occurrence, becoming one of the very first”it totes” that each self proclaimed fashionista needed to have. Fendi’s movement follows in the footsteps of Dior, who brought back their both legendary Saddle Bag this past year.


The lively and frequently ostentatious layouts were a novelty about the glossy 90s purse market;”that the diametric opposite of the wildly popular and pragmatic nylon backpacks out of Prada which predated it,” since Vogue puts it. The Baguette’s slender form arrived in 1,000 style variants, from denim to bead encrusted to leather, and graced the shoulders of glitterati such as Elizabeth Taylor, who owned at least eight.
The last decade has witnessed a quick paced social networking culture dominate the fashion business, with brands falling from public acclaim with the click of a button. It’s easy to see why trend homes are leaning back to their decades-old cultural capital to be able to keep on the top and remind younger consumers why they’re so legendary.
And Fendi’s cultural capital is rather extensive–it exploded to the pop culture scene when preference making show Sex and the City featured the tote as an essential fashion statement. In one episode, fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw was mugged and went to college her robber–and the world–after she announced that her handbag isn’t just a bag,”its a Baguette!” Sarah Jessica Parker herself reprised the legendary line in a recent advertisement for the bag, reclaiming and hammering that loaf of a handbag the entire world fell in love with all those years ago. #BaguetteFriendsForever.