Fancy chopping your hair like Cara Delevingne? Then read this

Excuse us whilst we book into our local salon for some summer freshness!

So we’ve been lusting over Michelle Keegan’s new blonde hair and now we want to go in for the chop just like Cara Delevingne did.

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Yes, the model turned actress has transformed her luscious dishevelled hair – which, we have been trying to recreate since we first clapped eyes on her, into a gorgeous summery ‘lob’ much like fellow ‘lob’ convert, Kendall Jenner.

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The scissor hands behind the hair? Ultra cool celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak – who’s about to open Hollywood’s new IT salon! She’s been lucky enough to run her hands through and work her magic on Brie Larson, Emma Stone, Emilia Clarke and Olivia Wilde to name a few!

The vibe? Mara wants it to be ‘homey and cosy’. The salon is a converted home so it flows just like a house and has amazing outdoor space where you can go and hang – pretty cool ey?

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But not all of us can get our hair done LaLa style. So we’ve managed to track down a few legendary hair stylists for some advice. Starting with Katie Allan, Creative Manager at Charles Worthington Salons to give us some advice if you are thinking of cutting your hair shorter this summer.

Katie advises ‘To achieve the ‘LOB’ (long bob) the hair needs to layered in a subtle way which can be done by layering the hair underneath. The hair then falls naturally with movement, whilst still looking thick and lustrous. Regular trims are essential for keeping the textured ends in tip top condition.’
At Charles Worthington Salons we have recently launched a new cutting technique called the ‘Cross-Shake’ which gives the ultimate in effortless style by slicing sections generously cross-ways from left to right, then top to bottom at specific points in the hair. It creates bespoke texture and the signature ‘shaken’ finish, at the same time giving fullness and relaxed movement. It suits all hair types as it is a beautifully bespoke way of layering and texturizing hair without leaving it thin and wispy.’

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James Galvin, the Kerastase Ambassador says ‘The lob works best when cut roughly to collar bone length. The ends shouldn’t be too perfectly blunt cut so definitely add a bit of texture to the ends. A long layer around the bottom will help to remove some weight if you have thick hair.
Have it cut in a centre parting to allow for versatility when moving your hair from side to side.

Always style the hair very naturally making sure there is just enough texture to give your lob an un-fussy finish.’ Just like Cara at the ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets‘ film press evening last night.

Royal and Celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward says ‘Cara’s new style is fab! It really suits her and has given her a sophisticated edge. This look is really versatile and can be worn in lots of different ways – it’s shorter, but not too short to be pinned up if you want to go for classic updo or chic braid. The key to this style is personalisation – whether by adding a fringe, a different parting or layering, the Lob can be tailored to suit almost anyone. As long as it’s worn below the chin, it won’t change the appearance of your face shape but can really refresh your look.’

Celebrity hair dresser Mark Hill says ‘This is a great length for the summer.  Long enough to still put up, but short enough to keep cool. When it comes to styling, try to work with your natural texture. If your hair is straighter, when dry you can always wrap large sections around the barrel of a large tong or wand. Remember to only wind from eye-level down to give that loose on trend texture.

So if you’re hitting the hair salon this weekend, take these pics with you, visit our Pinterest board and remember your personal stylist’s top tips!