Fall for Flares with These 6 Celeb-Loved Pairs

From Cady Heron in a skin-tight henley to a Simple Life-era Paris Hilton on a Kitson run, there’s some iffy early-aughts references attached to flare jeans. That should not deter you! You’d be surprised how modern the silhouette can feel when separated from the cringe-worthy stylings of its past (cough, plastic flip-flops and Juicy Couture hoodies, cough).

Case in point? The 6 celebrities in updated takes on bell bottoms below, all of whom look totally cool, current, and nothing like your middle school idols (okay, technically Hilary “Lizzie McGuire” Duff does, but you know what we mean). As usual, our intrepid editors have done their due diligence on each ensemble—scroll down to shop everything now.

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