Ever wanted Kardashian-esque hair? Well it’s now easier than ever!

Yes that’s right! The lady behind the Kardashian’s locks has a range of hair extensions out so you too could too!

Yes, it’s true! Now you really can be the hair envy of your friends thanks to celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin, the lady behind the Kardashian and Jenner hair! Jen’s teamed up with the UK’s leading brand of luxury hair extensions, Beauty Works, to create a range of uniquely designed hair extentions. Swishy!

[gif] Khloe hair

Beauty Works and Jen Atkin have joined forces to create a specially designed collection of hair extensions that use new, unique application methods and design systems that will enable anyone to wear the extensions with confidence and achieve celebrity style and glamour.

Jen’s focus when creating the collection with Beauty Works was quality, discretion and ease; ‘I’ve developed a collection that offers beautiful hair without having to sit in a salon chair for hours. With my new systems outstanding colour, length and volume can be added to your own hair well within an hour.’

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Jen’s always there on hand to help the Kardashian sisters get ready for any big events and be a part of their ‘Glam Squad’ and recently, is the one responsible for giving Khloe that gorgeous ‘lob’ which she unveiled on her Instagram.

Jen says: ‘Creating hair extensions that blend seamlessly and are invisible when applied is essential, not only to my clients but to everyone who wears extensions.’

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Whether creating Jen’s star studded hair style in a salon or at home, this collection ensures full, beautiful hair with the most natural blend ever seen.

The range consists of the ‘INVISI-TAPE’ and ‘INVISI-WEFT’ for professional application along with ‘INVISI-CLIP-IN’ and the ‘HAIR ENHANCER’ to use at home. The high quality human hair is designed to offer the ultimate comfort and discretion using a highly innovative design that blends seamlessly into the hairline. An invisible weft technology is used on an extremely thin, silk base crafted by hand, mimicking the natural re-growth at the root for a discreet and seamless effect.

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The Jen Atkin by Beauty Works collection is launching into salons nationwide and available to buy from beautyworksonline.com now, Jen Atkin reveals her backstage secrets and promises, ‘Give them a try and finally have the full and beautiful hair you’ve always wanted!’ So now we can get Khloe’s hair too, kind of!

Sarah Bradbury/@sarahebradders