Blake Lively Still Steals Her Sister’s Makeup, Is All of Us

In terms of your makeup stash and wardrobe, being a sister can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that your options are instantly doubled when combined with your sister’s goods, but also a curse for every time she takes your favorite lipstick out of your handbag, only to lose it or smash it within the cap. Blake and Robyn Lively are two sisters who we imagine have some pretty swanky items to trade or take, and last night at a L’Oreal Paris Galentine’s Day party in New York City, the duo proved that old habits certainly die hard—at least when it comes to borrowing your sister’s stuff. “She used to go through my makeup all the time when she was younger, and she still does it now!” Robyn told InStyle. laughing. Blake echoed her statement. “I grew up watching Robyn, and I still do. I feel like we’re always mixing things up and we’ll call each other like, ‘Do you have my blush?’ It’s gotten to the point that we have to mail each other’s makeup back.”

Although Blake probably spent her fair share of time digging into her sister’s Teen Witch-era wardrobe, it’s Robyn who now feels thrilled when her little sis is into something she’s wearing. “I feel so good about myself, because Blake is a fashion icon, okay?” she added. The two are constantly empowering each other, but at the same time, will keep the other in check if a certain look just isn’t working—qualities instilled in them by their mother, no doubt. “She’s kind to people and would always compliment them coming from a genuine place,” Blake said. “Even if it wasn’t her style of clothing, she saw they put an effort into looking beautiful, and just in doing that and taking that risk, they were beautiful. There are times when I look in the mirror and I’m unsure about something, but if Robin or one of my friends is like, that looks great, I’m suddenly more sure of it. I mean, I don’t usually wear heart-shaped hairstyles and smoky eyes in my everyday life!” And while we’re on the topic, can we talk about the magic that is Blake’s heart-shaped updo?

Matthew Eisman/Getty

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“It’s a heart!” Lively exclaimed, turning to show us the rear view of her hairstyle. “I never really do things like this, but my hairstylist Rod Ortega created it. There are a lot of hearts on my dress and decorating the room tonight, so it was very thematic.”