Are Illuminating Tweezers the Answer to Not Over-Plucking Your Brows?

Got an eyebrow horror story? Thanks to a joyous decade called the ‘90s, so does everyone else. We got tweezer happy—so much so that the after-shock might have made you ditch the classic beauty tool completely. But since then, the facial feature got a much-needed makeover. And now, one brand is working on making over the tool that is, at least in part, responsible for our brow-break.

It’s called LaTweez, and it’s a new-to-the-U.S. brand that, as the name suggests, produces tweezers. So the makeover element? They’re illuminating, featuring a light in the middle of the two prongs that theoretically gives you a better view of what you’re actually plucking.

But that’s not the only innovative and new element the brand is bringing to your traditional tweezers. They also formulated the tip with diamond dust to improve the grip, allowing you to grab each stray hair with ease. We haven’t personally tested them, so we can’t vouch for their quality, but the concept of diamond dust + an illumination light did make our perks perk up. Plus, at $42 each, we needed to know what made these better than the pair already in your kit.

“LaTweez uses the Diamond Dust technology on the inside of the tips, along the surface that touches and grabs each hair,” explains Andrew Glass, the Brand Manager for the brand. “Tweezers tend to get dull and lose the ability to grip fine hairs due to the constant pressure and grinding of plucking, but with our Diamond Dust technology, LaTweez is able to slow down that process and provide customers with a superior grooming experience for a longer period of time.”

Tweezers with diamond dust. Silicone makeup sponges. Foam dry shampoo. What will they think of next?