An Important Affirmation For Moms Everywhere, In 8 Simple Words

A mom publicly shared an important message about her postpartum body after a man asked her when she was due. 

On March 3, Lindsey Kay Self wrote on Facebook that a man at Target asked when she was expecting. According to the post, she laughed it off with a joke about when she expected her “9 week old to sleep for longer than 45 minutes.” After she noted that the man become embarrassed by his question, her post took on a more meaningful purpose.

“His look of joy immediately turned to complete embarrassment and shame. I wish I would have said more,” she wrote. “I wish I would have told him that there is nothing to be ashamed of — not for him or for me.”

Self then listed the many reasons she’s proud of her body.

This body grew a freaking human (two of them, for that matter) and has continued to nourish said human for 9 weeks. This bump was my child’s home for 9+ months. This bump is his favorite place to nap. These arms, that could use some toning, lifted my son out of the water and held him as he took his first breath.

In her post, which has been shared more than 4,000 times as of Tuesday, Self told her fellow Facebook users to thank their moms, the mothers of their children and the “lady at the beach trying to hide her stretch marks as she chases her three year old who is trying to eat sand.” In eight words, she condensed her message into an important affirmation for moms everywhere.

“This body isn’t shameful, this body is amazing.”

H/T Today