AlunaGeorge’s Aluna Francis on the Perfect Cat-Eye


Aluna Francis, singer of British avant-R&B duo AlunaGeorge, may have won hearts (and an opening slot for Sia this fall) with her silken voice, but her ever-evolving look—which, like the band’s music, references the ’90s, hip-hop, and chart-topping pop divas of decades past—is also turning quite a few heads. As on point as her layered, effortlessly cool outfits are, her varied hair and makeup moments—many of which, as followers of the band’s Instagram know, are created by Francis herself.

Watching her get ready, it’s easy to understand why Francis would forgo the glam squad: The girl’s got talent. Almost every step of her routine involves some sort of genius hack, whether it’s mixing luminizer with her foundation, or brushing on her favorite shimmering brown NARS eyeshadow in a very specific shape: “Basically, I’m contouring my eye,” she explains, continuing with a laugh: “You wouldn’t know, but I’m basically trying to look like a cat.” That she achieves with a clever multi-step liner technique that must be watched to be understood (and must be tried at home, immediately). The finishing touch? A stealth hairpiece—just the thing to take her natural curls off the charts.