A Guide to the Best Jeans for Tall Women

When it comes to getting dressed, tall girls—the Taylor Swifts, Karlie Klosses and Jourdan Dunns of the world—are a lucky bunch. Thanks to natural legginess and stretched out proportions, they can wear flats 24/7 (even with pencil skirts!) without fear of looking stumpy; when they buy jeans, it never requires an extra trip to the tailor. The downside? Tracking down silhouettes long enough to accommodate those extra inches is tougher than you’d expect.

The inseam of most standard-sized denim is around 32″ or 33″—just long enough for a women who stands, approximately, at 5’7″ without shoes. Anyone taller is left to contend with an awkward gap between the ankle and the foot, forced to only purchase styles that will work “cropped.”

Not anymore. We’ve tapped experts from Lucky Brand, 7 For All Mankind, Gap, and more to share the best blues for ladies with supermodel-long stems. Read on for their picks!

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