9 Things Kanye West’s New Pink and Yellow Hair RemindsUs of

Just as we were starting to get used to Blondye West, the 39-year-old rapper pulled a Kylie on us, adding a pop of color to his platinum hair ‘do.

On Monday, West was spotted leaving a movie theater in Los Angeles, sporting and pink and yellow hairstyle, which got us thinking: where did he get his inspiration for this particular color scheme? From food? His kids’ playroom? North’s girly girl style? Or perhaps his sister-in-law Kylie’s wig closet? The possibilities are truly endless, and we’re seriously hoping that the next time we see him out and about, he’s added a splash of orange, or maybe even a burst of blue—it’s Kanye West, anything could happen at this point.

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We’ve come up with a pretty definitive list of where Yeezy got this brilliant beyond brilliant (and not to mention colorful) idea, and the things that his hair reminds us of, below.

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