7 Fragrances With a Larger Cult Following Than Soulcycle

There’s something to be said about a cult classic, particularly in the realm of fragrances. They’re the type of scents you recognize with just a passing whiff, and they stick with you for years, regardless of whether or not you actually owned a bottle. Cult fragrances are in a different category than the ones everyone and their big sister already wear. Think about it in terms of your favorite films—where the bottles of Flowerbomb, Chloe original, and D&G Light Blue can be equated to 10 Things I Hate About You or Clueless, these err more on the side of The Craft, Tank Girl, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They’re an acquired taste, sure, but the ones who love them, love them hard. Here, we rounded up the 7 most-notable cult fragrances we’ve been obsessed with for years.

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