7 Chic Office Supplies to Wear When You Just Can’t With Post-It Notes

New York Fashion Week is over, and—in addition to clearing up a lot of rumors about what "really" happened between Tiffany Trump and Whoopi Goldberg—the internet is assuming its rightful side-hustle as Style Oracle, predicting what trends will be yuge come Fall 2017. "Oversized Everything," "Novelty Heel Details," and "Busty Cutouts" are on the web's radar, but it seems another, more utilitarian trend is gunning to be first on Zara's knock-off list: Post-It notes!

At its runway show during London Fashion Week, British label Fyodor Golan showcased multiple looks that allowed the bold paper squares to really stand out. Plus, the fact that most had actual notes written on them—"buy milk," for example—is a testament to the fact that more and more designers are #finally creating functional, inclusive collections geared toward real women. Whether you lean in and Fresh Direct it from your corner office, or grab a gallon from Shoprite before picking the kids up at school, who among us doesn't need a stylish reminder to buy milk?


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Worried about leaving a paper trail in your wake? Don't be! Post-It is notoriously more adherent than its competitors (which is probably why referencing how rich the inventor is has become something of a national pastime, LOL.)

Still, if you're not feeling this particular look but you're a fan of the office supply vibe, there are plenty of other items that can also look super-chic when worn the right way. Whether you love rummaging through your desk or live for a good Staples run, read on to see which ones made the cut.

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"Make America New York" is adorable, Public School, but I just feel like this packing tape makes a more powerful statement on the state of my well-being.

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I, for one, would thread a piece of leftover Christmas ribbon through these protractors and call it a f#&*!ng (Marni-esqe!) day.

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Several packs of Par Avion envelopes stitched together would make such a fun—and perfectly broken-in—sweatshirt. Cute in an Être Cécile kind of way; effortless in the most literal way. Bonus: You don't have to wait until fall for this one—seaside stripes are going to be huge for spring.

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Because I feel strongly that all envelopes are about to have a moment, I'd also pick up a pack of the ones with plastic windows. Fasten two to either side of a pipe cleaner and—voila—quirky glasses! Your welcome, Alessandro Michele.

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I've always felt the Kenzo tiger isn't, like, as generally intimidating as I'd like him to be, which is why I'm really into rocking staple removers right now.

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The ONE thing every woman needs to invest in before turning 30: A vintage drafting compass. It's as timeless as a trench, as versatile as your go-to LBD, and as comfortable as a pair of ballet flats. Plus, it'll look super-chic from desk to dinner (and can double as a utensil in a pinch!!)

The new meaning of Instagram gold: Wearing your mint-green Poppin desk tray on your head. (Backstory: My friend who works in fashion was just saying how she's, like, legit shocked that graduation-style hats never became a thing.)

That pink bubble pouch everyone uses as a clutch is fine if you're running to CVS or Starbucks, but real woman need room. Skip the pricey forever bag, and opt for a giant Banker's box—the side handles make it easier on your joints than a leather tote, while the top can double as a chic hat when your Poppin tray feels tired.