6 Cuddly Shearling Coats Worth Leaving Bed For

In an ideal world, we’d hibernate from oh right about now until maybe mid-March. But since that’s neither sustainable nor healthy (because jobs, food, social interaction, and everything else you need to function in life), the very least we can do is travel with a coat that’s as cozy as our bed to make the gloomy commute somewhat bearable. Enter: Shearling outerwear. 

With its teddy bear-like texture, shearling jackets were basically invented to cuddle on the go. Or, at least, that’s what we like to think. When combined with leather or wool and cut in cool-girl silhouettes, like moto or double-breasted styles, these coats make good on both insulation without the bulk (perfect for those who are not on board with the puffer comeback) and style. We highly recommend stocking up now, otherwise, see you next spring. 

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