5 Things to Know About Louis Vuitton’s New Smartwatch

Louis Vuitton, a brand known for its luxury suitcases, bags, and accessories, entered the world of high-tech technology earlier this week with a new wristwatch called the Tambour Horizon. The launch of the smartwatch celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the Tambour Watch collection that is marked by a sense of global connectivity, and it certainly stays true to its travel roots. “With its Tambour case made in Switzerland and components assembled in Silicon Valley, the Tambour Horizon successfully combines the very latest in advanced technology with the demands of traditional watchmaking,” says Hamdi Chatti, VP of Watches at Jewelry at the brand.

The watch is now available for purchase, and while it has many of the basic smartwatch features you’d expect, there are also a few new elements that we are extra excited about. Here, the top five things to know about the newest LV accessory and why you’re going to want one, STAT.

1. It honors LV’s classic look.

The Tambour Horizon utilizes the same customizable design codes as their famous monogram and pairs it with some serious travel-focused tech. According to Chatti: “It’s the first luxury smartwatch, fully dedicated to the Louis Vuitton universe with the best technology.”

2. It features Google-developed tech.

“Thanks to our helpful and amazing partnership with Google and Qualcomm we’ve worked on this project for two years now,” continues Chatti. Using Android Wear 2.0 software, the Horizon is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones, so no need to be bound to that plain white Apple watch any longer.

3. It can (subtly) read emails for you.

The newest Vuitton watch offers similar functionality to most smartwatches: message alerts, alarms, countdown timers, weather reports, step counter, so you can read all those ultra-urgent emails and texts at dinner without being that girl on your phone at the table (because, rude). “Our clients want new technology, it’s important, but they want to have our savoir-faire on their wrist,” says Chatti. “It’s the best of both worlds for a luxury smartwatch with countless functions, yet one that is extremely simple to use.”

4. It has two unique, dedicated features to inspire your next vacay.

Because LV’s heritage lies in making travel chic, the Horizon also comes with two apps that will have you itching to book a flight out of town ASAP. The “My Flight” feature, exclusive to Louis Vuitton, helps fliers keep up-to-date on flight times, terminal and gate changes, delays, and hours before landing.

And, once you get to wherever you’re going, LV has advice for your stay, too: The watch also offers access to the brand’s City Guides. The proprietary guidebooks are updated annually, and feature the best hotels, restaurants, historic landmarks, shopping, and attractions in tons of cities and destinations around the world.

5. It is CHIC (and almost entirely customizable).

With a relatively small case size of only 42mm, the Horizon is also made for every day wear (you know, when you’re not jetting around the world). It’s available in stainless steel with a 24-hour ring in either graphite, monogram, or black; its illuminated dial never goes dark, with entirely customizable faces inspired by labels, monograms, and trunk decals. Over 60 (!) additional strap options are available (30 for women and 30 for men), so it’ll go perfectly with anything in your closet.

Courtesy of the brand

Shop the Tambour Horizon by Louis Vuitton, on sale now, starting at $2,450; louisvuitton.com