5 Stylish Movie Closets We’d Give Almost Anything to Raid

How many times have you been engrossed in a film, watching the good guy pursue the bad guy or the girl meet the boy, only to get distracted thinking, “Oh! I love her dress, I wonder who it’s by?!”

An eye-catching wardrobe in film is nothing unusual, of course. Outfits are part of the story telling; they help define who a character is. But let’s be real, the actress on screen can be the biggest villain known to mankind, but if she has killer style, we can’t help but root for her a little bit, if only to give her outfits more screen time. A movie filled with sleek dresses, cool baubles, awesome accessories, and an even more awesome woman? Well, that’s our kind of movie.

Here, we count down five of our favorite film closets from a variety of on-screen characters. We have an criminal informant, a ditzy high schooler, an aspiring writer, a psychopath, and a hustler. They all have one thing in common: a drool-worthy wardrobe worth revisiting.

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