3 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Old

And the alternatives to try instead.

Your bathroom may be packed with creams and serums promising to keep those aging lines and wrinkles at bay; your makeup bag full of products that will get you an enviable, girlish glow. But did you realize that the way you are wearing your hair can also have a great effect on how young (or old) you look? 

While some styles are obviously too harsh, others can add on the years without us even realizing. Here, PRIV professional hairstylist Loretta Wollner identifies three hairstyles that could be aging you, and why — and their youthful counterparts to try instead.

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The Blunt Lob vs. the Layered Lob

When you age, you lose the youthful plumpness in your face, so you don’t want a look that highlights any harsh angles, explains Wollner. The hairstyle on the left is very severe, while the hairstyle on the right has subtle side-swept bangs that soften the forehead, as well as layers that frame the face, making it appear fuller and fresher.

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Bottom Heavy vs. Top Heavy

Droopy eyes and sagging skin are definite signs of aging, and bottom-heavy hair can drag your face down, too, and add years to your look, making your face appear droopy overall. The style on the left has layers only at the ends of the hair and is completely flat at the top (probably because the weight of the rest of the hair is pulling it down). The look on the right is lighter and has volume throughout, and even extra height at the crown to bring the attention upward, making the face appear more awake and youthful.

Stick Straight vs. Natural Waves

It’s time to give your flat iron a rest. Pin-straight hair can harden your face and accentuate every fine line says Wollner, especially if it is really long. Subtle waves, like on the right, create more movement and will add buoyancy and life to your look. If you must keep it straight, though, just try a shorter length that falls somewhere around your shoulders.