10 Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts You Can Get On a Drugstore Run

We’ve all been there: You know Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, but you have minor heart palpitations when mom calls to confirm brunch plans for her big day. You realize you forgot the most important thing other than your presence: a gift.

Whether you’ve been pressed for shopping time, or a chronic procrastinator, you can still find a great gift for mom without having to shop around. The drugstore is a one-stop shop with aisles that are a treasure trove of beauty products and sets you can gift to mom to pamper her. The best part? She’ll never be able to tell that her gift was picked up when you were stocking up on paper towels and dish soap.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 gift ideas you can pick up for mom on your next drugstore run. (Your secret is safe with us.)

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