You Only Need These 8 Pieces to Make Your Dream Wardrobe

You start your day commuting 45 minutes to work. You get to work, remember that you have a big meeting—one that you did not properly dress for. You go to said meeting wearing the heels you store underneath your desk. You leave the meeting for lunch. You apply a swipe of lipstick before your first date, for which you’re totally improperly dressed. Who can blame you? You’ve had, like, 5 different dressing occasions in one day!

When it comes to “busy woman” dressing, no one does it quite like New York-based designer Misha Nonoo. So to help make your life easier, Nonoo did what she does best: Simplified things without sacrificing style. Enter: The Easy Eight.

“The Easy Eight was born out of a personal need to simplify my daily routine,” Nonoo tells us. “Like many women, I choose to lead a full life and crave a wardrobe that supports me.”

The collection is made up of a skirt, a dress, tops, pants, and a blazer. When mixed and matched, the Easy Eight provides you with 22 outfits that work for just about any situation you may find yourself in: business meetings, black tie events, casual hang outs.

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“Not only does this collection help women pare down their closets, but it also takes the stress out of dressing,” Nonoo says of the pieces. “Now, we can spend less time thinking about what to wear and more time pursuing our goals and passions.”

Here, all eight just-launched pieces (because we couldn’t choose favorites) from Nonoo’s collection, available exclusively on

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