Drew Barrymore Has Your Day to Night Makeup Dilemma Covered

Drew Barrymore has been one of our longstanding beauty muses since the ‘90s, so when she’s willing to offer up makeup tips; we take them with open arms. In this edition, Barrymore shows us how to effortlessly transition your day makeup look into evening, in five minutes flat no less. So, if you’re sitting at your desk right now and have dinner plans tonight, this tutorial is for you.

Drew’s first step: Reach for a cream eyeshadow like her makeup line FLOWER’s Endless Wear Eye Color in Sheer Cinnamon ($8; flowerbeauty.com). “I actually named all of these colors with the word ‘sheer’ in front of it because I think cream shadow is inherently heavy and there’s so much pigment and payoff, that I really want something that has an ability to build and become what I want, rather than out of the gate just too powerful,” explains Barrymore. Sweep the shade allover your lids and under them for cohesion.

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Next, Drew likes to add a highlight for an extra glowy complexion. Take a palette like FLOWER’s Shimmer + Strobe Highlighting Palette ($14; flowerbeauty.com), and brush it on the high planes of your cheekbones and brow bones to lighten the area up and open the eyes. Barrymore’s trick: Dab a dot of highlighter on your cupid’s bow.

As for the lip, Barrymore prefers a creamy matte like FLOWER’s Color Proof Long-Wear Lip Crème in Dusty Rose ($9; flowerbeauty.com) because the matte formula is really creaming so it’s not drying and won’t fall into the cracks of your lips.

“For this day-to-night look; it’s not severe, it’s not overly heavy, but it has a pretty, monochromatic feel about it,” she says. “It makes me feel joyful and powerful.” Hit play on the video above to learn all of Barrymore’s tips on how to get joyful with your own evening makeup look.


Hi InStyle. I’m Drew Barrymore and I’m gonna show you how I go from day to night with make up in five minutes. [MUSIC] So in going from day to night Immediately gonna grab my cream eyeshadow. I actually named all of these colors with the word sheer in front of it. Because I think that cream eyeshadow is inherently heavy, and there’s so much pigment and payoff that I really want something that Has an ability to build and become what I want rather than just out of the gate too powerful. So the cream shadow that I’m putting on my eye is called Sheer Cinnamon and it has a really warm plumy, purpley, red, mauve, beautiful color without being Too much of one thing. It’s just a really nice neutral that can really bring out the green in your eyes, if you have green eyes like me. I am actually going to bring my cream eye shadow under the lid so that there is a cohesion of the color that sort of circulates the eye. I am going to start With our highlighter strobing palettes from Flower Beauty. And I’m gonna go with the pearl, actually. And I’m just gonna quickly go on the high [MUSIC] Cheek bones, brow bones especially after doing some cream eye shadow. You can really kick it up by lightning the top and bringing the focus of the eyes up because anything dark and heavy will inherently bring the eyes down. And then I take my finger and I do a little dot. On Cupid’s bow. [MUSIC] And then, I put my lipstick on. What I love about this formula is that it goes on matte but it’s really creamy so it’s not drying. I’m 42 years old and as much as I love matte lipstick Sometimes it can be a little drying. So this formula is so amazing and pillows so beautifully and doesn’t fall into the cracks of your lips. This one’s called Dusty Rose. And I think for this day-to-night look, it’s not severe, it’s not overly heavy. But it has A really pretty mono chromatic feel about it. And it makes me feel joyful and empowered and happy. And that’s what make up does. It’s such a powerful thing. And that’s my five minute date night make up. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]